Rent Kosher Playa – Hottest Kosher Condo in Playa

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    I , herby authorize ZB Hospitality Inc. ( to charge my credit card for charges in association with Condo damage, late check-out, "Kashrus" violation and Resort violations/damages.

    $500USD (US Dollars) or Canadian equivalent (whichever amount is greater at time of charge) - Total amount to be charged

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    By submitting this form, you give ZB Hospitality Inc. ( permission to debit your account for the amount indicated on or after the indicated date. This is permission for a single transaction only, and does not provide authorization for any additional unrelated debits or credits to your account.

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    I authorize the above-named business to charge the credit card indicated in this authorization form according to the terms outlined above. This payment authorization is for the goods/services described above, for the amount indicated above only, and is valid for one-time use only. I certify that I am an authorized user of this credit card and that I will not dispute the payment with my credit card company; so long the transaction corresponds to the terms indicated in this form.